A society of fully empowered and creative women building the basis for healthy and vibrant communities in the fisheries sector in Kerala.


To build self help groups of women, as a basis for building women’s consciousness and capacity to live as truly complementary partners with men, in a way of life based on human values, spirituality and social justice; one that enables people to secure adequacy in life while co-existing in peace and harmony with their social and natural environment, and one that propagates a similar mode of existence for future generations.


We follow the need-based approach in identifying development interventions, which enlist local community participation and resources as far as possible.

Key Objective

To develop a process that precedes each and every one of our community interventions, a process that leads to the overall empowerment of our target groups – fisherwomen and their children, and builds their capacity to help themselves to become masters of their own destiny. Any intervention that hampers this process would automatically be rejected, even though it may create some material benefits in the short term

What is our Development Focus?: WIN Development Interventions fall under seven main themes:
         Thrift and Credit operations of Self Help Groups
         Communit Health and Sanitation
         Gender Equality and Empowerment
         Education for Children and Youth
         Environmental Protection and Regeneration
         Disaster Management and Preparedness
         School Upgradation Programmes
         Family Life Strengthening Programme
         Carrier Guidance and Placement
         Med-Claim Inssurance


Fr. Dominic George.S.J

The Women’s Initiatives Network began in 1991 as the brainchild of Sister Alice Lukose and Fr. Dominic George.S.J from Kerala – both of whom had been active campaigners in the fishermen’s struggle for their rights in the 1970’s. They brought together a group of committed Catholic nuns who wanted to dedicate their lives to the service of the poor and marginalized in innovative ways. They formed the WIN Society of Jesus – a Secular Institute of dedicated women recognized by the Church under the Ernakulam Archdiocese in Kerala. This group of dedicated women worked with the support of Fr. Dominic George for the empowerment of women and children through innovative social involvement, and interventions aimed at building their capacity to help themselves.

The WIN sisters now work in different parts of India, including Maharashtra – in a tribal development project; in Karnataka – in a Dalit (“untouchable” caste) development project; in Uttar Pradesh; and in Kerala as the WIN Society, for the empowerment of fisherwomen and children.

The WIN Society– Kerala chapter is the most extensive of all the development initiatives undertaken under the WIN Society of Jesus, and is now an independently registered charitable trust in Kerala, which also serves as the headquarters of the operations of the WIN Society of Jesus. WIN Society has its main office in Eramalloor in Alleppey district of Kerala.



WIN is actively networking with partners from various sectors at local and international level, a process that is mutually and dynamically enriching. We warmly invite collaboration with likeminded individuals and organizations in professional and volunteer capacities.


Eramalloor P.O.
Alappuzha – 688 537 Kerala – India
   +91-478-2877392/ +91-478-2877594, Fax: +91-478-2877392

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