Loss of WIN’s spiritual mentor and co-Founder -Father Dominic George S.J

Fr.Dominic George S.J the Co-Founder of WIN Society of Jesus and the patron of WIN Society returned home to the Lord on 4th May 2005. In the words of his own Superior General " Fr.Dominic was truely a pioneer, a leader always rising to the occasion witha characteristic vision, Strength and courage, an efficient administrator, a powrful speaker and an excellent organiser, a friend and and a priest to the people when he served". WIN Society was him brain child for nurturing a new paradigm of women's initiatives. His great dream wast o build up a net work of dedicated womne, for the development of women, and for Social transfermation in Indian. Society inspired by the person and teachings of Jesus christ. The challenge he gave to every women is "Women Take up your destiny. Take it up in your own hands, and walk with your brother and sister, walks into the fullness of life".

His search for a Secular Spirituality urged him to experience God in all realities in and around. He motivated every WIN member and associate to experiment with this great idea of Secular Spirituality which demands an attitudenal change in order to interact with all realitys creatively and in depth. What WIN Soceity today is because of Fr.Dominic George

WIN Tsunami Update

Two years after the Tsunami struck the Kerala coast, how is WIN helping affected families to rebuild their lives and be better prepared for future disasters? Click here to read about WIN’s interventions in disaster management and disaster preparedness

WIN on the winner’s path

The last year has brought increasing public attention and recognition for WIN’s contribution to the development of the Kerala fisher community, in the form of awards and citations. Abhayam – a prominent charitable organization in Kerala that organizes free eye camps for poor people – conferred their annual award for best social worker on Sr. Alice Lukose, director of WIN Society. The local daily newspaper – Mother – featured extensive write-ups on WIN’s community development work, and presented Sr. Alice the award for Best Social Star. Most recently the Justice Krishna Iyer Award for Outstanding work in Human Rights was also presented to Sr. Alice Lukose in a special ceremony in her honor.

Unfazed by all the public attention Sr. Alice feels such awards further underline the challenge for WIN to remain constant in their commitment to the empowerment of the small fisher community in Kerala – a cause in which we still have “miles to go before we sleep” in the famous words of Robert Frost.

Partner Focus

WIN believes that co-operation and joint teaming of resources is the most viable and productive way for social development organizations to work. Our organization has a rich history of collaboration with local and international partner agencies since the start. Contrary to popular expectations, many of our international partners are small groups of committed individuals that work very hard to support our projects.

For example the Soroptimist group from the Netherlands is a small group of professional women who take time out of their busy lives and career to support grassroots initiatives of women in other parts of the world. A key element in Soroptimist’s collaboration with local groups is that local women initiate a plan of action to improve their own situation. Like the 166 WIN members working in the traditional coconut processing industry, who are setting up a small co-operative coir yarn-making business with the help of their hard-earned group savings, and a collective loan. The Soroptimist group raised money in the Netherlands to help them with their start-up business investment, needed for the purchase of good quality raw material (coconut fiber or coir). To read more about this fund raising event click here(dutch group photo from e-mail)

New WIN Centre President

Dr. Ajai Arackal (M.Th., M.F.C.C., M.Ppsy., Ph.D.) Pastoral psychologist & Counseling Psychotherapist Germany, has taken charge as the New WIN Centre President. WIN feel quiet secure in the hands of Dr: Fr: Ajai for all the future endeavours . Dr.Fr.Ajai Arackal has beeen a long standing, genuine friend and suporter of WIN. He takes care of the mental health of the WIN Team.

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